Hello guys! I am Edward Anderson, an aspiring tech blogger to share my personal take on the tech world (which I am really passionate about). I just love everything tech-related, be it Smartphones, Computers, Gaming, and many more!



My Life

Well, nothing special about me. Just some guy from Jakarta, Indonesia. I recently graduated from Binus University Jakarta majoring in Information Systems. I am currently working in a multi-national tech company in Jakarta.


The Contents

I started blogging as a side gig to channel my interest in tech. Years of surfing the /r/Android has made me realize I always have an opinion on everything tech-related and I think I might as well share it to the world through this blog. Sometimes, I find myself in the opposite site from the majority of the folks over there and that’s fine. Everyone can have their own opinion and often these differences can make some pretty interesting discussion. The content of this blog is solely my personal opinion and I hope I don’t offend anyone by my writing.